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Residential Lawn & Garden Services

IT'S HOT! Let us take the heat this summer . We can cut and trim your existing lawn or restore an old lawn by installing new fresh sod. Either way RELAX! We got this.

We can plan and install beautiful gardens to your specifications. Then we can light it up with a custom outdoor lighting plan.

Tired of watering? Well, we can install an Automatic Irrigation System. Automatic systems are easy,efficient and aid in water conservation.

Want to take a walk through your new beautiful gardens? Then let us install pavers to lead the way.

Commercial Services

Crescent City Landscaping is a full service landscaping company. We hold the following licenses:

Louisiana Contractors License

Horticulturist License

Irrigation Services License

ICPI Paver Installation License

Pesticide Application License

We are fully insured

We are professionals and take great pride in our work and services. We do installation and maintenance. We will work with General Contractors and Property Owners to get the best result possible for your job. We work with many suppliers and work hard to offer you the best pricing available.

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